On Monday 6 May we were very pleased to host a visit from The Hon Michelle Lensink Minister for Human Services and the Hon Mr Dan Cregan Member for Kavel. Minister Lensink and Mr Cregan visited HCO’s day activity program and short term accommodation venue before visiting three residents who have just moved into their new homes under the South Australian Governments Homes for 100 program. Minister Lensink has overseen this program and she was very pleased to see the vision for the program in action with three people having access to brand new housing for their long term homes.  Minister Lensink and Mr Cregan visited Helena who told them she is so happy in her new home and we had afternoon tea with Gary and Heath in their new home. Thank you to the Minister and Mr Cregan for being so generous with their time in visiting HCO and being so interested in the lives of the people we support.

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