To celebrate the 25th anniversary milestone for HCO, over 160 people gathered at the Hahndorf Convention Centre in acknowledgment of HCO’s contribution to the community. Many clients, their families, past and present staff as well as community supporters including the Hon. Mr Dan Cregan, Member for Kavel were in attendance.

HCO CEO Ms Sue Horsnell and HCO Board Chair Mr Sam Pearse addressed the gathering reinforcing the contribution of staff and board members, past and present in supporting people with disabilities in the Hills to achieve their life goals. “ From day one HCO was committed to the people it supported and worked tirelessly to ensure that those we supported lived their best life, and I know that still drives us now” Ms Horsnell explained.

One of HCO ‘s inaugural clients’ Mr Barton Gawen spoke to the gathering telling how with ongoing and consistent support from HCO and his family he has been able to live independently, performing everyday tasks like shopping, cooking, cleaning and working. He spoke of the need for Organisations just like HCO to support people with disabilities to live independent lives in the community.

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In reflecting on the achievements of HCO over the past 25 years, it’s hard to go past the important people who make HCO what it is supporting people living with disabilities.

HCO took the opportunity to honour long-serving staff members with certificates of service achievement. On the night the following people received a certificate of service achievement from Mr Sam Pearse Chair of the HCO board:

18 yrs – Claire Shee-Houlman

17 yrs – Michelle Downs

16 yrs – Barbara Mott

15 yrs – Kylie Mackenzie

14 yrs – Fern Lopez

13 yrs – Cathy Ellidge, Anna Los, Beryl Wannop

12 yrs – Tim Dawson, Mark Taylor, Dorothy Thomas

11 Yrs – Stacy Cousins, Geoff Webster

10 yrs – Colleen Cooper

Unfortunately the following staff were not able to be present and will receive their certificates soon:

  • Chris Wright (18 years)
  • Helen Maksymovicz (18 years)
  • Margaret Jones (15 years)
  • Robin Meijer (15 years)
  • Ray Chambers (12 years)
  • Suzanne Beasley(10 years)
  • Margaret Bourne (10 years)

Congratulations to each and every one of you. 

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