Client care card

How to help

Firstly, if you have accessed this information it probably means that you are helping one of our Clients that is currently in some level of distress, thank you for taking time out of your day to help this person, it is much appreciated.

  • Please reassure this person that things will be OK.
  • Try to identify who it is that requires your assistance, if this person is non-verbal, or in a high level of distress, this may be very difficult. To confirm the identity of the Client you may have to discreetly take a photo and send that to the HCO office ( or via SMS to the Emergency Assistance (EA) number (0417 613 377).
  • Contact our office on 8398 4400 if it is currently during regular office hours.
  • HCO provides an Emergency After-hours service, which can be contacted outside business hours in an emergency situation. The EA contact number is 0417 613 377.

HCO Client Support office is located at 73 Gawler Street, Mount Barker.